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Jarikhanda (download)

Jarikhanda (download)

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Deeply absorbed in ecstatic love of God, Caitanya Mahaprabhu wandered through the Jarikhanda forest. A life-size tiger was lying on the path and Mahaprabhu touched its head with His lotus foot. The tiger jumped up and loudly started chanting the holy name of Krsna. Then all the forest animals began to dance, and the deer and tigers embraced one another.

Jarikhanda stands for transformation, for change in the world, for empowerment beyond limits by the Lord's mercy. These days we live in city jungles and people have become like prey and predator. May all chant and dance and embrace one another. May all the world unite in kirtan!


  1. The Key in Your Hand...1:00
  2. The Pinnacle of Yoga...17:47
  3. Mantras in the Morning...9:48
  4. Purity of Heart...9:05
  5. As Birds Glorify the Sun...6:17
  6. Mellows of a Mendicant...10:15
  7. A Prayer in the Ether...2:27 *

Album Details

Release date: Feb 2020
Recording, mixing : Daniel Antix, DeWolf studio, Sydney
Produced by:
Publisher: Kadamba Foundation (Sabda publishing)

Harmonium, vocals: Kadamba Kanana Swami
Chorus: Monique, Indukanti Rai, Ganga, Urugaya
Mrdanga: Ananta Vasudev (Ashick)
Bass: Graham Burns
Lots of other instruments: Emanuel Lieberfreund (flute, alto flute, soprano saxophone, hand pan, cajon, chimes, shakers)

Copyright info

All songs by Kadamba Kanana, except
*7 (Trad) arrangements by Kadamba Kanana.
Copyrights  & © 2020 Kadamba Foundation. All songs published by Kadamba Foundation.

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