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Kirtana rasa (download)

Kirtana rasa (download)

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The Brahma samhita will take your heart and transport you to the spiritual realm. Kadamba Kanana Swami expertly sings all our material problems away on this album. This album was part 4 of the “Kirtana rasa CD collection” published in South Africa, this album is the best of the series. Relish this music and play it over and over again to get into the Kirtana Rasa.

Exhibiting His scholarship, beauty and fine dress, Lord Caitanya danced and chanted as He distributed the holy name of the Lord to awaken dormant love of Kṛṣṇa. Thus Lord Sri Gaurasundara shone in His youthful pastimes. Caitanya caritamrta – Adi lila 17.4

Track List

  1. Maha Mantra – 09:27
  2. Damodarastakam – 17:04
  3. Jaya Radha-Madhava – 08:53
  4. Sri Brahma Samhita – 05:18

Album Info

Release date: 2002
Recording, mixing: unknown
Produced by: Kadamba Foundation
Publisher: Kadamba Foundation (Sabda publishing)
Design: Uddhava

Harmonium, lead vocals: Kadamba Kanana Sawmi
Chorus: unknown
Mrdanga: unknown
Karatalas: unknown

Copyright Info

All songs by Kadamba Kanana, except
*2 (Trad) Vyasadeva - arrangements by Kadamba Kanana
*3 (Trad) Bhaktivinode Thakur - arrangements by Kadamba Kanana
*4 (Trad) Lord Brahma - arrangements by Kadamba Kanana.

Copyrights ℗ & © 2002 Kadamba Foundation - Amsterdam The Netherlands

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